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Neil Ben

Award-winning Writer, Director and Trainer

Who is Neil?

Neil is a BBC trained, BAFTA-nominated Producer / Director with over 30 years working in Television and Video Production. He has won awards from the Royal Television Society, Japan Education Television (twice) and received an FSB for the innovative way he helps businesses use video. He now uses his expertise to help business owners master the craft of making videos - Roll over the images below to learn more about Neil's journey

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At three I was always happy, always smiling, always entertaining


The first time I was in a TV studio watching Crackerjack, I was 11. That day I decided I wanted to work in TV


Thirteen years later I started working at the BBC. Not in television, but in their IT department. But it was a start


My first break came when I got to write one of Blue Peter's Christmas Pantomimes. Oh no I didn't... Oh yes I did!


With half my degree being in maths I finally got the job I wanted and moved to BBC Schools television making maths programmes


I left the BBC to go freelance and directed everything from Poker Programmes to Teletubbies.


I was honoured to receive a BAFTA nomination for the BBC animation series "Just so Darwin"


My thirty years of experience is now available to you

Neil has a philosophy

He believes that a creative spirit lives inside each and every one of us.

However, all too often nerves, self-doubt and a lifetime’s worth of saying “I can’t” blocks this playful energy. Too many people get stuck endlessly worrying about what other people might think of their creative work are afraid to put themselves out there.

Over his 30-year career sitting in the director’s chair, Neil developed the ability to help people get out of the way of themselves. You see, when you catch someone in their natural moment – just being free to talk without worry or hindrance - they’ll tell you’re their story, make you smile and touch your emotions. Like you do everyday when you’re sitting round relaxing with your best friends and family. All those gifts that make them love you come to the surface.

Neil has a philosophy

Working with Neil Ben

Working with Neil Ben

will help you drop all the baggage, break down the barriers and wake you up into a world where all the old restrictions are gone. Because when you’re in that natural state – your very best self – that’s when the magic of connected communication happens.

Everyone is magnetic when they’re in their flow. People are drawn to your energy, your passion and your stories. It’s your enthusiasm and unique view on the world that makes others sit up and take notice. So stop hiding it away and let your light shine for all to see.

Something truly amazing happens when Neil allows you to simply be yourself – playful, challenging and thoughtful…

You suddenly learn that creativity isn’t copying what other people do, it’s about sharing your message your way. You then discover you’ve actually been a creative genius all your life –all Neil has done is to activate that personality – you then begin to view your entire world in through a different lens…

Things that you take for granted

the way you run your business, the processes that you use to make sure your customers are happy and the tales of everyday life – turn into ideas for content, scripts for films and even stories that become the vehicles to show your value.

Because Neil has helped you unlock the creativity in you – you can now turn that power inwards and start exploring the vast expanse of material that you’ve simply left on the shelf – because you thought that no one was interested in what you had to say.

So now you’re a natural performer… with a ton of video content at your fingertips, why worry about making another video ever again…

When you can simply talk.

Things that you take for granted

Every person is born creative

Every person is born creative

Over time, life makes you forget that spark
Neil Ben chips away at the fear and doubt – giving you back your creative confidence.

Get back in touch with your voice
Find the stories in your work - And the content in your company

Never worry about making videos again
Neil can show you how to simply talk and Capture the magic

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What you get from working with me

What I do is less important than what your customers will do after watching a film I have produced for your business, or what you do after having been trainied by me.

I inspire people to pick up their mobile phone!

Either to use it to shoot great videos that will benefit your business, or to ring more because people have seen your films and want to work with you.

So pick up your phone and give me a call, and let's start on those videos you've been meaning to make for so long.


9, Kestrel Close, 
WD25 9AL
07956 376239

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