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From a BBC Trained, BAFTA nominated Director

You're a business owner that needs video for your website, but are unsure what video is best for you. Or maybe you're a coach or trainer; an expert in your field, who wants to use video to make a bigger difference to your learners, but are not sure how. Or maybe you're a SME who knows the real value of video, but want to make sure you get a great ROI.

Do not worry, I am here to help. So get in touch today and lets get started.

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Training Films

To inspire and engage your learners

What nearly 30 years of creating educational content gives you

I translate your expertise into videos that engage and inspire your target audience and help them understand your message. I recommend which style of video best suits your subject area, then produce and direct your videos to full broadcast standards.

I'll give you advice about what will work best, including genre, cast, location, scripts and budget. I oversee the whole production process. Hire a broadcast crew (or shoot it myself). Edit your videos including graphics, music and branding. And finally, I help you find the best streaming solution to keep your intellectual property safe.

Live Workshops

Learn from the creator of Easy-Pro Video

Learn to shoot or edit with your smartphone
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Online Courses

Learn to make high quality videos with your smartphone or tablet

7-Day Day Video Challenge

If you can take a selfie shot with your phone I can teach you to shoot professional looking videos in just 7 days.

Video Testimonials

With phone in your pocket capable of shooting high quality footage, you should be using it to capture video testimonials for your business.

Welcome Video

Shoot your own Welcome Video for your website using our proven script templates, and then have it professionally edited for you, with your name, logo and call to action.

Learn how to produce videos on your iPhone or iPad. Plan, script and shoot your vlogs and expert videos. Learn how to edit your videos and upload them to YouTube.


For a full list of online courses, including video bundles and course curriculum, visit our thinkific workshop site.


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