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In a world that’s getting busier by the second, people haven’t got the time to stop and read, but they do have time to stop, look and listen and this is why video is fast becoming king of the marketing mix.

With a background in television and video production, I show my clients the exact steps required to take their message to the world that is authentic, engaging, impactful and meaningful.

If you're not sure which way to turn, I am here to help. So get in touch today and lets get started.



Create authentic stories to help people who make a difference,
make an even bigger difference

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What nearly 30 years of creating educational content gives you

I translate your expertise into videos that engage and inspire your target audience to help them understand your message. I recommend which style of video best suits your subject area, then produce and direct your videos to full broadcast standards.

I'll give you advice about what will work best, including genre, cast, location, scripts and budget. I oversee the whole production process. Hire a broadcast crew (or shoot it myself). Edit your videos including graphics, music and branding. And finally, I help you find the best streaming solution to keep your intellectual property safe.

Helping you make a bigger difference

Whether you want to raise the profile of your charity, raise funds or train your team, Neil Ben Films can help you make an even bigger difference then you already are, by producing videos for you that inspire potential supporters into action.

Live Training

Learn to make high quality videos with your smartphone or tablet

Easy-Pro Video Workshop

June 6, 2018 9:45 am

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Online Courses

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A full list of online courses can be found at easy-pro-video.thinkific.com


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