How to get your YouTube video watched all the way to the end

How do you get people to watch your YouTube video all the way to the end?

There are a few things you can do in your video to keep your audience engaged and watch all the way to the final frame.

Watch the video… All the way to the end… To see what you can do to keep people watching.


Tip #1: Headline your video

Right at the start of your video, tell your viewers what the video is about, not who you are. If someone has stumbled across your video it’s because they are looking for an answer to a question not to see you. Yes, it is important that they know who you are and why you are qualified to share your ideas eventually, but first you have to share what your video is all about.

Tip #2: Stay focused on your content

Going off on tangents is fine for a personal vlog, but if you’re planning to raise your profile by sharing your knowledge and experience, staying on track is a must.

For example, if your video is all about how to tie your shoe laces, don’t start talking about where you bought your last pair of trainers from, it’s not relevant. And… if someone is interested in where you got your trainers, they will ask in the comments.

Staying on topic will also help to keep your videos short, and this will make it less likely that your viewers get distracted before your video has finished. There’s nothing worse than a long, rambling, unfocussed video to send people surfing off to other people’s YouTube Channels.

Tip #3: Entertain as well as inform

Ok, people have come to your video because they want to learn from you. Sadly expertise is not enough, you need to entertain, or at least, engage your views too. So add some humorous stories, some quick asides, or silly hats to keep people interested.

Tip #4: Outtakes

People love seeing experts make mistakes, it shows we are human. So if you make the odd mistake, get your lines wrong, or have to fight off a fly during filming, save those shots for the end and cut a little compilation of outtakes together. As people get to know you put your mistakes at the end, they will stay around more often to see them…


So did you watch my video all the end to see my outtakes? No? Click Here to watch it again.


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