How do I get more clients?

‘Cause I’m really good at what I do’

Being great at what you do doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have a lot of clients

It’s a sad fact that not everyone who is great at what they do gets as much work, as many clients, or gets paid as much as people who, to be blunt, are nowhere near as good as they are.

And it can be very frustrating, I know, I’ve been there. That was until I realised two things:

  1. People buy from people and
  2. No one’s going to work with you until they
    • Know
    • Like and
    • Trust you

So how do you get more clients? Did you watch the video above?

You need to be visible

You may be the best therapist in the world, get amazing results as a business coach, save people hundreds of pounds on their insurance, but if you don’t put yourself out there, let people know what you do and demonstrate your expertise, how is anyone going to find you.

Yes, but I’ve got a website

So what… If you have a website full of text and pictures, people may get to know what you do, but they’re not going to get to know YOU. People only get to know you when they see you, so that’s either face to face or through online video. That’s all there is to it…

Videos raise your profile and get you seen as an expert in your field

You can choose to hire a video production company to produce your videos for you, or you can learn to make your own videos with the Easy-Pro Video Coaching Programmes

The choice is yours. Just whatever you do, start making those videos as it will help draw in more client, position yourself as the expert you are AND earn you more money.

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