How do I get more high paying VIP clients

Because you’re worth it

You’re an expert in your field, you really know your stuff and you are making a difference but, you want to draw in more high-paying VIP clients.

So how’d you do that?

If you really know your stuff there’s no reason why you cannot bring in high-paying VIP clients because there are always people our there looking for what you do. The problem is how do they find you?

That’s the tricky bit, that’s the bit you’ve got to get right because if you get that bit right you will have no problem attracting those VIP clients.

So how do people get to know what you do?

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5iE46PkkPM[/embedyt]


You have to put yourself out there – you could be doing speaker tours, you could be going to network events, that’s great and maybe you’ll be seen by a handful of people or maybe maybe a few hundred if you have a big speaking engagement, and yes you will find clients from that. But the numbers are small and there could be people all around the world who will love what you do. So how do you get somebody in America and Australia, Sweden, in fact anywhere, without spending your whole life traveling the world networking?

You need to be sharing your expertise in bite size pieces through video and every so often you create a video blog (like this). Then, when someone who is sitting at their computer in Germany say, types in “I need an expert in video training”, they’ve found me!

I’ve had people find me from all around the world… Spain, Germany, Thailand, Japan, America, New Zealand, oh and the UK (to name just a few).

It’s a numbers game, the more videos you have out there, the more chance that perfect VIP client will find you.

I suggest you start harnessing the power of video to grow your business and you can do that using a smartphone or tablet the film your videos, or hire a professional to coach you.

And you know who can help you do that?
Because I’m an expert in what I do!

Videos raise your profile and get you seen as an expert in your field


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