Coming up with new ideas for your videos

And is it ok to “steal” other people’s ideas

I was scrolling through FaceBook this morning and stumbled across a video made by CookieCat999, a young video blogger from Essex called

“How to make a Free Thumbnail using Canva”

It’s a great little video.

While watching it I thought “a video like that would be good for my audience”, after all, I encourage my tribe to make YouTube videos and uploading a custom thumbnail is something they can do for their videos to help them stand out.

So, if I make a similar video am I stealing CookieCat999’s idea? Well I am, but then, I’m going to give it my spin, which means it’s not her video so I’m not stealing… I’ve just used her video to inspire me to make my version.

Above is my version of
“How to make a thumbnail for your YouTube video using Canva”

Very different from CookieCat999’s me thinks!

To create a custom YouTube thumbnail using Canva.com – take a screen shot of your video of a frame that has a lot of action – go to canva.com – select YouTube thumbnail – upload the screen shot – add the text – export as an image for web – upload the thumbnail to YouTube. It’s that easy

So why don’t you have a look at CookieCat999’s video below and tell me…

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME2N7EL282g[/embedyt]

Did I steal her idea, or did I make my own version?

The title of this blog was “Coming up with new ideas for your videos”.
So how do you do that?

You never know where you’re going to get inspiration for your videos, just keep your eyes and mind open and if an idea pops in your head think about it, relate it to your tribe or audience and go for it.

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