Why bother having a YouTube channel

After all, isn’t it a lot of work to make a video?

Well no… The truth is, it takes me less time to shoot, edit and upload a video to YouTube then it takes me to write and publish a blog.

Let me break down the steps in creating a blog or making a YouTube video, and the associated time:

Writing a blog

  1. Come up with an idea – 10 mins
  2. Plan out the content – 15 mins
  3. Write the blog – 30 mins
  4. Format the blog for my website – 10 mins
  5. Find a suitable image for the blog – 10 mins
  6. Final spell check and publish – 10 mins
  7. SEO, tagging, sharing – 15 mins

Total time – 1 hour 40 minutes

Shooting a video

  1. Come up with an idea – 10 mins
  2. Get my smartphone filming kit ready – 5 mins
  3. Shoot my video – 5 mins
  4. Edit the video – 10 mins
  5. Upload to YouTube – 5 mins
  6. Create and upload a custom thumbnail – 10 mins
  7. Describe, tag and share – 15 mins

Total time – 1 hour

And the truth is, if I am shooting several videos at a time I can reduce that even more.


Saving time is only one reason why I prefer to make videos

But it’s not the only reason. Engagement is what I am after, and I find I get considerably more engagement from my videos then from my blogs.

People are lazy and would rather watch a video than read a blog, especially if they are viewing on a mobile device. So make it easy for them.

And how’s this for engagement? One of my YouTube subscribers created this video by taking clips from many of the videos I have on my channel.


How lovely is that?

But what about SEO and Key Words?

Isn’t it harder to for Google to suggest a relevant video than a relevant blog based on someone’s key word search terms?

Well no… YouTube’s algorithms are so much easier to manipulate that Google’s. If I describe and tag my videos well, I can get them on the first page of YouTube (and potentially Google) for my chosen key words within hours.

That’s the power of video.

But the real power is when you combine the two.

Create a video on YouTube, tag and describe it well with a link to the URL of the video blog you have created to sit around the video. Write your video blog to compliment the video and use the YouTube URL within the blog so your video plays. Now your video and blog are connected and Google LOVES that and you have two chances of being found, via your blog or via your YouTube channel… Sorted!

So if you’re a blogger, great. But why not start making videos and inserting them in your blogs, because when you put them together, then you’re really cooking on gas.


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