How to get 1.7 million people to see your story

Without trying too hard

You know I keep going on about how easy it is to make your own videos, and that by having video as part of your marketing strategy will have a significant effect on your business.


Don’t take my word for it, let me tell you about one of my clients, the amazing hypnotherapist Sharon Waxkirsh.


Sharon has been on one of my workshops, learning how to shoot her own videos on her smartphone. She now uses her mini iPad regularly to film with, and when she’s finished working with a client she always asks them if they are willing to give a quick video testimonial.

Not every client says yes, but over the last 18 months she managed to gather over 30 great testimonials with titles like Hypnosis for the fear of flying and Hypnosis for pain relief.

Why does she do this…?

Because when you say how good your business is it can come across as boastful, arrogant or big headed, but when your customers and clients say how good you are, it’s proof.


Video testimonials are the most power video to have on your website

And they are the easiest video to shoot yourself.

If you look at Sharon’s video count she’s only getting 100s – 1000s views on her videos, so I guess you’re wanting to know how 1.7 million people got to see her story, as that’s a long way short of 1.7million right?

First of all Sharon doesn’t make these videos to get lots and lots of views, she makes these videos to raise her profile and credibility, so when a potential client is interested in working with her they can see straight away that Sharon is the real deal, as she’s helped so many other people. They see people like them being helped by Sharon which gives them confidence that Sharon can help them too.


Video testimonials have had a positive effect on her business

But it’s more than that.

About a year ago Sharon had one of her wisdom teeth extracted. Nothing too special about that other than she practices what she preaches and had the tooth extracted using just self hypnosis. Yes, without any anesthetic at all!

It wasn’t possible for Sharon to film the procedure herself when she was the one sitting in the chair, so I filmed it for her and you can see the video above.

Within three days of posting this video The Daily Mail showed interest and when they saw the body of videos on her YouTube channel they knew Sharon was legit. Without those video testimonials they would have never published the story on the online site which 1.7 million people saw.

Wisdom tooth extraction – Daily Mail story

That is how you get 1.7 million people to see your story.

If you want to start using video testimonials to grow your business, check out my testimonial page, where I give advice on how to do it.


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