Don’t sweat the technical

What’s the best camera to film with?

I often get calls from people who want videos made and the first question they ask is “what camera do you use?”

If you want to work with me that is not a question you need to ask, because if you are worried about the technical stuff; what camera I’m using, what microphones I’m using, what lights I’m going to set up, then you’re not interested in the content. It is just about how good your video is going to look.

What I am interested in is:

  • the content of your video
  • what your message is
  • what you want to say
  • your personality
  • how you are going to connect to the audience
  • what your clients want to hear
  • what your clients need to hear

So if you pick up the phone to me and say “Neil, I know my stuff and I want to touch more people with what I know, with my message”… My ears will prick up, my eyes will brighten and I will say “you’re the kind of person that I want to work with”.

If you have an expertise that makes a difference, maybe you’ve worked with a dozen people, maybe a few hundred people and you’ve made a difference in their lives, then you can make a difference in thousands of people’s lives, tens of thousands, even millions, if you get it right.

It has nothing to do with what camera I use to film you with

Get the content right and let me worry about the technology

And do you know what? The above video was shot on my iPhone, using a little cable mic, an LED light, all sat on to of a £40 tripod. The whole kit cost me about a third of what the phone cost. Does it matter that I wasn’t using a £20,000 camera? No, because what I was saying in the video was more important then the technology I was using…. I hope!

You let me know what you think.

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