Can you blog if you’re bad at English?

You can’t spell and your grammar is terrible

I know the feeling… And this may not be a diagnosed infliction, but I’m sure I’ve got typing dyslexia. My brain knows what it wants to type but the signals get muddled up on the way to my fingers so they don’t always hit the right keys.

When I was at school I remember being told (when I was about 7 or 8 at the time), that I’d never be good at English. Sadly, in the late 60s and early 70s getting the technicalities right was more important than the content.

The things was, although I struggled with spelling and grammar, I excelled at story telling, Sadly no one was interested in that.

Being told I couldn’t write as a child didn’t hold me back because throughout my television career I have written hundreds of TV programmes and still get the odd check when a programme I wrote many years ago is shown in some far flung country.

So what do you do to not upset the Grammer and SPelling police, because mistakes do happen 😉

Well the lovely Sarah Sarke, who writes awesome blogs, makes some suggestions of proofreading apps that can support you.

But she left out a couple of methods that I use:

  • getting YouTube to write my content
  • using the Note App on my iPhone

You can read how I use YouTube to write my content in one of my other blogs, What is the easiest way to create content for your blog


If you have a conversational style

this is the best way to create content


How to use the Notes App to write your blogs

This is what to do:


  • Like all blogs / vlogs plan out your content using bullet points
  • Open the Notes App
  • On the keyboard press the microphone icon
  • Speak your blog slowly and clearly
  • Occasionally stop “recording” and check
  • When you have finished speaking your blog, email the note to yourself
  • Copy and paste the text from your email into your post
  • Check, format, tidy up and add images, links, videos as require
  • Post your blog

It’s that easy.


p.s. I just used one of the proof reading apps that Sarah suggested and it said “No mistakes found”… Interesting, because I definitely left some in!


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