Thank you Grandma for my Jumper

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Having the tools and knowing how to use them is not enough.

You may know how to use a pencil, but can you write a great letter to your granny, thanking her for your annual Christmas Jumper? If you were 3 you’d probably struggle, needing the help of a grown up. But as you got older you’d develop your writing skills and could do it yourself. Now, my guess is, using a pencil and writing notes is easy.

You may know how to use a keyboard and mouse, but can you design a thank you card (for that jumper) using Photoshop, print it out and send it to your grandma? Some people can, and they can because they’ve mastered a new skill and now find that easy.

And what about your phone. Can you use it to communicate with your gran? ‘Course you can, you just pick it up and give her a call to say “thank you”.

That is how most business owners use their phone to communicate with their clients. But there is some much more you can do with that phone in your pocket that will enable you to communicate with 10s, 100s, 1000s, possibly millions of people in one go.

What’s stopping you mastering a new skill and using the tools you already have?

Making your own videos is easy with Easy-Pro Video. And with a single video being able to communicate with millions, isn’t it time you signed up for one of my 90-day coaching programmes?

That way, in no time at all you’ll be making business videos that will be making a difference to your business.

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