Why having a promo video may not work for you

Especially if that’s the only video you have on your website

Don’t get me wrong, promo videos are a great way for people to understand about your business, see what you do and decide if you are the kind of company they want to work with. So why am I saying “they may not work for you”?

If you expect a promo video to drive traffic to your website you will be disappointed

Videos are great if someone lands on your home page as they keep them there for longer. They are also great at engaging potential clients when they watch that video. But a promo video sitting on your homepage is not going to drive traffic to your site.

If you want to drive traffic to your website and raise engagement, you need a different approach.

You need to create a YouTube channel with 20+ videos

“But isn’t that going to cost me so much more than a promo video?”

Well no.

A professionally produced promo video is going to cost you £2k – £3k and for the same amount we can give you all the support and training to:

– set up a YouTube channel
– film your own information, expert, how-to videos or training films
– film those all important customer testimonials
– title, describe and tag your videos so they are found
– embed your videos in your website

Not only that, we also edit all your videos for you adding graphics and text where appropriate, upload those videos to your YouTube channel and support you to continually improve your video making.

We offer this in two Training Programmes:

Local Hero


National Treasure


So check them out, decide whether a single promo film or a YouTube channel with up to 20 videos in it is best for you. Then get in contact – as we can help you with both.


If you want to see the promotional films I mentioned in the video above click the links below.

Gary Winner – Spiritual Hairdresser

Jason Buckey – The Philosophy Man


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