Scofield and Minelli

Even talented, professional TV presenters get star struck.

When I got into the BBC, but before I started in telly, I used to spend every other Saturday morning answering the telephones on the live Saturday morning kids TV show Live and Kicking. I did this extra work to give me more opportunities to see how Children’s television programmes were made.

During this time I got to know Phillip Scofield quite well. We used to chat some mornings. I’m not sure why he decided to chat with me, maybe it was because I was one of the few male telephonists, or maybe it was because he was just a lovely guy and wanted to connect with everyone working on the programme, including us lowly telephone answering individuals… I think it was both actually.

Now Phillip was quite a celebrity, he had launched the Broom Cupboard and was now a rising star in BBC Children’s, but on one Saturday morning I saw Phillip being totally and utterly Star Struck.

Lesson learnt
Celebrities are people too, and even them get star struck. Treat people as you see them and you can’t go wrong

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