Is branding just a new logo?

I spent the last 2 months of 2017 re-branding…

And if all I managed to do in that time was create a new logo and work out my brand colours, then it wasn’t such a good use of my time.

But the time I spent working with Lynne Stainthorpe, who lead me through the re-branding process, was time well spent.

Yes, we came up with a new logo, colour pallet and font library, but that was just a fraction of what we did.

The most valuable part of the process was that I got to understand what I did better so I could communicate it to others.


More than just a logo
The process got me clear on the services I offered, helped me define my purpose, vision and mission and enable me to get my message out there so potential clients “got me” instantly


Create authentic stories to help people who make a difference, make an even bigger difference.


The No 1 award-winning, sought-after director creating training films that engage, inspire and make a difference to people who watch them.

The No 1 director training people to make their own videos with passion, fun and authenticity.


To unlock the magic of storytelling and inspire people to learn and grow.


Now you know, why not have a good look at my website and see the branding work in action.

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