About me

I'm Neil Ben - Creative Director - Anim8 Productions

I am a BBC trained, BAFTA nominated Producer / Director with over 25 years working in Television and Video Production. I've also won awards from the Royal Television Society, Japan Education Television (twice) and received an FSB for the innovative way I help businesses use video. Read more about my story of how I got into TV.

I have directed programmes for the BBC, Sky, Channel 5, Discovery, Nickelodeon, CBeebies and Teachers TV. Starting my career as an assistant producer at the BBC in the late 1980s, I was described as "a safe pair of hands who can think outside the box". I mean, who else would get Lili Savage to interview William Shakespeare and then get him to sing one of his Sonnets as a ZZ Top number?

Transforming creative ideas into compelling videos is still one of my favourite things to do. My other favourite things include improvised comedy, poker and my two adorable kids.


P.S. Don't worry if you haven't heard of me before. Once we've met, you'll find it difficult to forget me! I am well known within the television industry (being a full member of BAFTA helps), it's just that I am a little less known in business circles (although my video blog - neilben.tv is changing that). Nowadays, most of my work comes from discreet recommendations, so please feel free to recommend me (quietly).

P.P.S. If you're wondering why I look a bit different (other than my stunning good looks of course), it's because I was born with a mild form of spina bifida. It doesn't stop me doing anything, norĀ  does it hurt (except when I stand up for too long). And, despite my TV experience, I had to overcome my own self-consciousness in front of the camera. So if that is something you worry about, I am more than qualified to help you.

Tell me about yourself...

What are you looking for and how can I help?

If you are a Training Organisation...

wanting to produce entertaining and effective training films that engage, inspire and educate (this taps right into my core skillset)

You are probably a medium-sized organisation that runs courses nationally, on topics such as sales and management training

If you are a Business Person...

wanting to come across on camera as natural, confident and authentic. Choose from my three exciting programmes to promote your product or service:

  • 'International superstar': High-level coach, trainer or speaker who wants to grow your international profile
  • 'National treasure': Medium sized business owner who wants to increase your brand recognition without being too flashy
  • 'Local hero': Professional who wants to use video marketing as a great way of engaging with your clients

If you are an Expert...

looking for a cost effective solution for creating your own high-quality web videos to help you communicate with your tribe

You are probably a coach, trainer, speaker or thought leader, someone who wants to share your expert knowledge to monetise your intellectual property or attract more clients

Need more convincing?

Please forgive this shameless bragging!

These are just a few of the companies I've worked for, awards I've won and skills I have:


Script Writing82%



Video Marketing89%

Producing Animation95%

Enjoy these clips of my work

Video Blogs

Award-winning Animations

Training Films


Charity Videos

Corporate Videos