To Engage, Entertain and Educate

Animation engages a young audience like no other medium, and Neil Ben Films has created animation for broadcasters, on-demand channels and streaming platforms.

From the early days of Steady Eddie based on Eddie Stobart trucks to the BAFTA nominated series Just So Darwin for the BBC, Neil has been producing. writing and directing animation for nearly 20 years.

These days you can find Neil's animation on Amazon Prime, or on his YouTube Channel EIEIO Nursery Rhymes.

Simple Flash Animation

With bright colours, bold characters and a great soundtrack. Click the title above to see more examples of these style of animations.

Complex Flash Animation

Using traditional animation techniques within flash, creates bold, bright animations and depth. Click on the title above to watch more.


YouTube - Amazon Prime - BBC

Animation Production

White board - Explainer Videos - Bespoke

Animation templates

A lot more animation for your money

Based on pre-purchased animation templates, the hardest part of the process is to find the perfect template and modify it for your purposes.

Whiteboard Animation

A great way to explain difficult concepts

The hardest part of the process is creating the script and getting a great voice over. But do not worry, we help with that.

Bespoke Animation

Whatever you want, if you have the budget

I've produced specially created animation costing between £150 and £3,000 per minute. But if you're wanting Pixar quality that will get you about 10 seconds.