Business Video Types

Talking Head Videos

Talking Head videos are fairly straightforward to produce. They are simple to shoot and edit, and it is possible to shoot these styles of videos with yourself smartphone or tablet. The key to great talking head videos is the content and the presentation. If you can get your scripts, your ideas, your questions for your testimonies sorted long before filming starts, you're going to have great videos.

Video Testimonials

COST: > £ as part of a Business Video Programme
£ - ££ individually

When you say how good your business is it can come across as boasting. When your clients say how good your business is it’s proof.

The video testimonial is the most powerful video you can have to promote your business and should form a central part of your video strategy.

Ask your clients open questions, or get them to tell a story about working with you, so when people see their video they get a great idea of what you do, how you work and how you can help them.


The key to great customer testimonials are the questions you ask. If you can get your clients to tell as transformation story about working with you, then you have a perfect testimony.

So ask questions like "what were you struggling with before you found us, and how did we make a difference to your business" or "how did you feel before the massage and how do you feel now" and you won't go far wrong.

Welcome Video

COST:  £ as part of a Business Video Programme
£ - ££ individually

Unless you have a promotional video on your home page, this should be the first video people see on your site.

What do you want people to do when they arrive on your home page? Do you want them to sign-up for your news letter or register for an upcoming workshop? Are there special offers available or pages you want them to look at?

Or will it help if you tell your visitors a bit about what you do and the kind of clients you work with?

A welcome video answers all these AND the average internet user will spend 88% more time on your home page as it has a video on it… Win – win!


Short and to the point is key here. Remember, this may be the first time visitors will get to meet you, as a confident, well delivered video is key.

Expert Videos

COST: £ as part of a Business Video Programme
££ as a single video

When someone shares their expertise it helps to build the know, like and trust factor.

The more you share your expertise in bite sized videos, the more you will be seen as the go to person in your field. Potential clients will get to know you through your videos and feel more confident with spending money or coming to work with you.

When planning expert videos, think about the information potential clients may find helpful and then create a series of videos around that subject.


The key to a great expert video is confidence. Hopefully you really are an expert in your field so sharing your knowledge and wisdom is not difficult. When you come across as confident, passionate and helpful you really can engage the viewer and make them want to come and work with you.

Information Videos

COST: £ as part of a Business Video Programme
£ - ££ individually

Clients both old and new always have questions.

Yes, you can have FAQ page on your site, but why not think of having an Information Video page. Examples of information videos that can work for business include:

  • the services we offer
  • what’s our refund policy
  • membership plans and how they work
  • our philosophy
  • how to find us

Depending on the information being presented, these can feature the boss, administrators or other members of your team.


Information Videos are also a great way to "show off" your team. When different staff members present these videos clients both new and old get to meet your team. This helps build know, like and trust for not only the individuals, but your business too.

How to Videos

COST: > ££ - £££

How to videos are the most searched for style of video on YouTube.

There are amazing opportunities to create content that people will devour (some of them literately if you make cooking videos). My kids love learning stuff off YouTube like “How to play the piano” or “How to paint your nails”. Me I love videos that relate to my work, so “How to add moving text to a premier edit” or “How to create a great business card”

If you know your stuff you should be making how to videos, because when people learn from you they see you as the expert and when they have a more complicated requirement that videos alone cannot solve they will get in touch.


Although How to Videos are the most popular video on YouTube, if they are not shot well viewers can quickly get bored. If you are demonstrating something practical, for example flower arranging of fixing a piece of machinery, you need to be able to shoot the detail of what you are doing as well as a wider shot. Often I will shoot these videos with 2 cameras, one with a wide shot and one on the close up of the detail. If you can't shoot two cameras then you need to be prepared to do your How to demo twice, once in a wide shot and once in close up. Of course, you will need to edit the two shots together.

Video Blogs

COST:  £ as part of a Business Video Programme
£ - ££ individually

Video is one of the most powerful mediums to help people learn.

If you are already blogging, you should turbo charge your blogs with video. Some people love to read, others prefer to watch a video, so when you combine text from your blog with video, everyone is happy.


Upload your video to YouTube with a link to your website, and uses a YouTube embed code to put your video in your blog and Google will love you.

The great thing about Talking Head videos is that they don't cost much to produce, so you can create many videos to fill your YouTube channel, embed in your website, share on social media or insert into your blogs. All these videos help drive traffic to your site and keep people there for longer. They also engage and inform potential clients about the work you do.

Although these are quite simple videos to produce (many of my clients shoot them themselves on their smartphone) their value to your business should not be ignored. Check out my video workshops or online video programme if you want to have a go at shooting some of these videos yourself.

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Promotional Videos

Promotional (or promo) videos are great for showing off your business, event or skill. They combine testimonials, interviews, images and action all woven together with music, graphics and great edit timing to engage the viewer into really getting what you offer.

Business Promo

COST:  ££££ - £££££+

A business promotional video is a great way to give potential clients a feel for you or your business. In it they will get to see you, your staff, your premises, understand a little about the work you do and your philosophy. It is also a great way to welcome people to your website.


Telling the story of your business is a great approach to creating a promo video.

There is so much you can do with a promo... Add graphics, animation, interviews, music, video transition. Obviously the more you create the more the video will cost.

Workshop promo

COST:  £££££

When people see your workshop in action they are more likely to register.

Combining action with interviews and testimonials and you have a very powerful video to inspire people and encourage them to come along.


Capturing footage at a live event is difficult as the crew need to work their way around the workshop without interfering. Sound is often a big issue, but energy can be captured with experienced crews and good direction.

Trainer Promo

COST:  £££££

When you can demonstrate your value to potential clients your bookings will increase.

Similar to the Workshop Promo, this promo video focused on the trainer, Jason rather than the event. Jason uses  this video to show head teachers his workshops, and simply... his bookings have doubled.


When filming with children and young people you have to be extra specially sensitive. Stopping and starting just to get the right shot will affect the kids, so on shoots like this we tend to film with two cameras, just to make sure we don't miss a thing.

If you have a promo video sitting on the home page of your website, people will stay on your site for longer and understand what you offer quicker. They are, however, quite expensive and time consuming to produce. The filming process can be quite disruptive unless you find a sensitive and experienced crew.

The biggest drawback of a promo video is that it is only ONE video. This video alone will not drive traffic to your site. You will need several talking head videos to do that... Once visitors have found you though, your promo will help reign them is as a customer.


White board - Explainer Videos - Bespoke

Animation from templates

COST:  £££

A lot more animation for your money

Based on pre-purchased animation templates, the hardest part of the process is to find the perfect template and modify it for your purposes.

Whiteboard Animation

COST:  ££££

A great way to explain difficult concepts

The hardest part of the process is creating the script, but do not worry, we help with that.

Bespoke Animation

COST:  £££££+

Whatever you want, if you have the budget

I've produced specially created animation costing between £150 and £3,000 per minute. But if you're wanting Pixar quality that will get you about 10 seconds.


Animation is perfect for explaining difficult concepts, telling stories and engaging viewers. The downside... They can be very expensive and time consuming to produce.

Comedy, Drama and Documentary

People make decisions based on their emotions, so if you can illicit and emotional response using comedy, drama or documentary you can persuade the viewer to take action. These style of videos are especially good for training, because when your audience is engaged they will learn; when they are inspired they will remember.


COST:  ££££ - £££££+

If you can make the punchline of the sketch hit with the point you want your audience to get, they will remember it.

Comedy is a great way to engage and inspire. Your customers, clients or learners will definitely remember your videos.


I find working with improv performers a particularly efficient way of working. They create the most believable performances and sketches can be shot quite quickly. However, you do need to be so clear on your content well before the filming day.


COST:  ££££ - £££££+

Drama is great to engage your viewers emotionally, it gives them a reason why they need to listen to the information you are sharing.

I created these videos to help line managers understand about dealing with conflict, but you can use drama to help clients understand the impact your product or service will have on them.


Like comedy, if you can draw in the viewer with some drama they will remember your video, especially if there is an emotional response.


COST:  £££ - ££££

Documentaries are great to draw way to a viewer into understanding the message you went them tho hear.

You can get an emotional reaction by combining interviews and action with carefully chosen music.

The above video was produced for a charity to help raise funds to produce more chairs.  In the end they managed to raise over £5,000 from this single video.