Category : How to make your own videos

04 Aug 2016

How to write a video script

To promote the work that you do You run a business, you’ve been told video is the best medium to get your message out there, to create lots of that lovely google juice and to connect with your tribe. So you’ve decided to start making videos. You want to share you expertise, connect with your tribe and share you message, so surely a script is the perfect place to start. How do you write a video script? We’ll I’ve been […]

15 Dec 2014

How to get your YouTube video watched all the way to the end

How do you get people to watch your YouTube video all the way to the end? There are a few things you can do in your video to keep your audience engaged and watch all the way to the final frame. Watch the video… All the way to the end… To see what you can do to keep people watching.   Tip #1: Headline your video Right at the start of your video, tell your viewers what the video is […]

09 Oct 2014

Get your aim right

Setting focus when you’re trying to film yourself? If you are going to shoot yourself and want it to look great, I suggest you get some of the technicalities right. Especially setting focus. Yes, it’s so much easier to keep all the settings of the video camera on your smartphone to auto, but that’s not going to give you the sharpest image. If your phone has the ability to lock the focus them make sure you set the focus But […]