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03 Jan 2017

Why laughter is the best educator

They say “Laughter is the best medicine”… I agree with whoever the they are that says this… But I say more Laughter is the best educator I need to take you back 27 years when I first realised this. I was an Assistant Producer at the BBC working on Maths Programmes. The series was called Square One TV, which was a co-production between the BBC and the Children’s Television Workshop (CTW), the makers of Sesame Street.   Now CTW are […]

21 Aug 2016

How to teach difficult subjects to 8 year olds

Just So Darwin BAFTA nominated series In 2009, to celebrate the death of Sir Charles Darwin, I was asked to produce an animation series for the BBC. The brief was to get across the teachings of Darwin in an engaging and entertaining way.   The background to the commission 200 years ago Charles Darwin was born. In his 20s he became the naturalist on a British Science Expedition, traveling around the world in a ship called the HMS Beagle. His […]

20 Aug 2016

Engage, Inspire, Educate and have Fun

It’s not just enough to Inform With many years experience in video and television production, particularity in making educational and training films, I get asked a lot for feedback on people’s training videos. What I see is that people are great at getting the didactic stuff right, they get all the learning points on screen and are very clear and logical in presenting the information they need the learner to get. Great job? Well it’s a start They are using […]