Category : Video Marketing

09 Oct 2014

Video Blog like a Pro

Is vlogging better than blogging? What are video blogging’s benefits? Why bother with video blogging? After all, isn’t it a little bit of a hassle getting your camera out every couple of weeks and shooting yourself talking about something interesting? Surely it’s going to take considerably longer to produce a video than write a blog? Well no… Talking to camera can be incredibly easy and very fast.  I can write quickly, but I edit heavily; I chop out words, rearrange sentences, […]

09 Oct 2014

Promote yourself through Video

What makes a great profile video? If you want people to get to know what you do, the easiest and quickest way is to create a profile video. You can put the video on the home or about page of your website; you can embed it in your LinkedIn profile; you can even put a link to it in your email footer. But what makes a great profile video, how long should it be and what should you talk about? […]

11 Mar 2014

Shoot your customers

Imagine you’re a plumber and you’ve just finished fixing the heating system in a client’s home and they say to you… “Thank you so much for coming today to fix my heating. I haven’t been able to bath the kids for two days and now we are all looking forward to a lovely warm bubble bath. I really appreciate you coming over the weekend and not charging me extra. You’ve done a great job and I’m certainly going to be […]