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Charity Films that make a difference

Capturing the magic to make a difference

Video engages like no other medium, so let Neil Ben Films use their expertise to help you make an "even bigger difference" than you already do.

Whether you want to raise the profile of your charity, raise funds or train your team, Neil Ben Films can help you make an even bigger difference then you already are, by producing videos for you that inspire potential supporters into action.

With so many different good causes out there, how does your charity stand out from all the rest? It's a one word answer - "Video". People are often reluctant to help unless they are "moved" to do so, and a well crafted video can make all the difference.

Past Clients:

The Samaritans
8 drama based stories produced to help others understand their work

5 videos produced that helped raise £23,500 in one evening

Sunnyside Rural Trust
The team were trained to shoot their own videos with their smartphones

London Play!
A series of animation to promote the work they do

Training Films

Use your expertise in your charity to train volunteers and outside agencies

We produced 8 training films for The Samaritans aimed at showing shopping centre security guards the right and wrong way to deal with vulnerable customers


DEMAND design and manufacturer bespoke equipment for people with disables and we produced five films highlighting different projects that they where looking to raise funding for

The videos were show at a evening gala event and helped raise just over £23,500 by inspiring guests to donate to the project the felt most drawn to


London Play commissioned us to produce a series of animated shorts, which helped them promote play opportunities for the capital’s children

Using voice of real children at play, we mixed photographic images with animated characters to create these films

Learn to film your own

I offer discounted rates for charities so volunteers and staff members can attend my live filming workshops and learn the skills to shoot their own films for the charity. Contact neil@neilben.com directly for more information

Making a difference

Neil Ben Films are happy to offer competitive and sympathetic rates to registered charities, because if the skills and experience we have in video production can help your charity make an even bigger difference in the work you do, then everyone is happy