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Using comedy and drama to change perceptions

Neil writes, directs, and occasionally performs on the open mic comedy circuit. He has written and directed many household names including Joanna Lumley, Hugh Laurie, Steve First, Dolly Wells, Paul O'Grady and Tom Hollander. Neil believes that drawing in an audience with engaging stories, and getting an emotional response from them (be it through laughter or tears), is the best way to change perceptions.

"Neil is a talented and creative director who I have had the pleasure to work with on Murder They Hope series 2. He is also an accomplished writer and perhaps most important of all he has a full grasp of the intricacies required for making television comedy, a rare and wonderful thing. " - Ed Bye

Improvised Comedy

Tony Biscotti's School for Dramatic Youth was a 20-minute comedy pilot we produced for Nickelodeon. Staring Steve Firth and a cast of very talented young performers who improvise the whole programme without using a script.


One of the things Neil is particularly skilled at is finding the funny (and truth) in and around disability. Born with a form of spina bifida, Neil has always used comedy and dramatic stories to help change people's perceptions of his and others people's differences.

BBC Work

Neil learned to write and direct (both in multi-camera studies and on location) whilst working at BBC Schools TV in the 90s. Wherever he could, he would put comedy, drama, and entertainment into the programmes he made

Sketch Goes Viral

Neil wrote and directed this sketch for Channel 4's satirical strand B@IT. It hit 5 million views in its first 2 weeks on Facebook. It's now closing in on 7 million views. Something Neil is very chuffed about.

Sales Training

Leigh Ashton from the "Sales Trainers" used to spend 2/3rd of her year on the road, delivering sales training. That was until we created SASUDI. Working with a group of talented comedy improvisation performers we were able to create over 70 humous and didactic training films.

Conflict Resolution

The brief; create a series of engaging films that could be played within a live workshop to help the learner understand about conflict resolution, oh, and make those films look like "The Office".

Why is Neil so funny?

It's simple... Neil does Stand-up Comedy... Why? Well he doesn't like people laughing at him... Yes, he's deadly serious.

Neil regularly performs on the comedy circuit in London and the South East. By exercising his funny bone in front of a live audience he keeps himself sharp. Doing live comedy is the way to get immediate feedback. If it's not funny no one will laugh, so you make sure it's funny.


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