easy pro video online faq


  • Is Easy-Pro Video Suitable for Android or is it just for iPhone and iPad users?
    This course is perfect for you if you own an iPhone 4 or better, iPad or iPad mini as the video cameras are great and they run iMovie for editing. There are many Andriod phones with great video cameras too, so you can certainly work through the planning modules to develop your style and scripts, and use your Android to shoot your videos. However, the editing apps on Androids are rather clunky and are not covered in the editing module. Don’t forget though, if you are on the Local Hero Programme, we do the editing for you..
  • How long are the coaching calls and who are they with?
    If you have purchased one of the Coaching Programmes, your 1-hour long calls will be with the course’s creator, Neil Ben. Neil has over 25 years experience in Television and Video Production working for many different broadcasters including the BBC, Discovery and Sky and has many years experience sharing his experience with business owners.
  • How do the coaching calls work?
    You will have one call per month which I find works better if we have over Skype. The first call will happen once you’ve completed the Pre-Production Planning section so we can make sure what you’re planning to shoot is going to be the best it can be. The second call will happen once you’ve shot your first few videos. In that call I will feedback on what you have done so far and get you pointed in the right direction for the editing module. Our final call will be once you have several videos on your YouTube channel and we’ll look at what you can do to get even better with your video making.
  • How often do the coaching calls happen?
    The calls are meant to happen once a month, but if you get through the material quicker and want your calls earlier then that is fine. Do remember though, if you have not completed all your calls within the 90 days you will loose them. You will however still have access to the online training content and access to the FaceBook group for as long as you want.
  • Where does the video training happen?
    If you have purchased the Local Hero Programme, we will arrange the training to happen either at your place of work, or at my studios in Hertfordshire. Please note, I can only offer onsite training in London or within 25 miles of Watford, Herts. If you are based further I will have to charge you travel costs if you want me to come to your premises. For international clients you are welcome to come to me, or we can do the training over Skype.
  • What if I purchase Easy-Pro Video but decide it is not for me?
    There is a 30 day money back guarantee. If in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with Easy-Pro Video and you’ve not yet had a coaching call, video strategy session or 1-2-1 training, just email your login details within 30 days of purchase to neil@oldsite.neilben.com to get a no questions asked refund.
  • How do I join the Facebook group?
    When you have purchased Easy-Pro Video, one of my team will add you the group.
  • Is there an affiliate progrmme for Easy-Pro Video?
    Yes there is, thank you for asking. Once you have had your first coaching call you will be invited to become an affiliate. You do not have to take up the offer, but it will be a great way to share your experience of Easy-Pro Video and make a little bit of extra income.
  • Do you run live training courses?
    Yes I do. As an Easy-Pro Video user, you will be invited to various masterclasses where we focus on one area of video production. Be that presenting to camera, scripting, editing. These are currently only running in London, but I will consider running events anywhere there is the demand.