The Easy-Pro Video Online Programme

Making video production accessible to anyone who is serious about using it to grow their business, irrespective of experience, knowledge or budget

If you want to learn how to…

  • shoot professional looking and sounding videos on you iPhone or iPad
  • find your style, plan, script and shoot your own videos
  • edit your videos using iMovie on your iPhone or iPad
  • upload your finished videos to YouTube
  • embed your videos into your website and share on social media
  • shoot a welcome video, how to videos, info videos, video blogs and video testimonials

The Easy-Pro Video online programme is for you

The step-by-step programme to turn you into a Smartphone Video Director

The Easy-Pro Video Online Programme

Learn to create your own business videos
using your smartphone or tablet with

Multi-Award Winning Television and Video Director

Neil Ben




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Just put your hand in your pocket

That's all it takes to get started

And I don't mean you need to pull out your wallet and pay thousands of pounds to hire a production company to make your videos for you. No... Put your hand in your pocket and pull out your smartphone. Most smartphones have a camera that can shoot higher definition video then the cameras I used to use whilst at the BBC. All you need to do is know is how to use it properly... Then you can create your business videos yourself and that's what the Easy-Pro Video Online Programme is all about.

Ardent technophobe?

Don't panic – making videos is easier than you think. I take you step by step through everything.

Think you're no good in front of the camera?

Everyone starts off thinking that. Even me. You'll learn insider tips, tricks and techniques so you look and sound your best.

Don't know what to say?

Don't worry - I'll guide you through developing your ideas and scripts that attract the customers you're targeting.

If you can take a photo with your phone then I can teach you how to shoot professional looking and sounding video... easily


Learn my insider tips from 20+ years of working in Television

Planning - Shooting - Editing - YouTube and more

What you get for with Easy-Pro Video ONLINE

Module 1 – Planning your videos

Content, style and scripting

  • Find your perfect presenting style
  • Decide what type of videos to make
  • Learn how to come up with ideas
  • Create your perfect scripts
  • Find the best place to shoot your videos

Module 2 – Mastering video (Getting started)

Getting started with your iPhone or iPad’s video camera

  • Turning the video camera on
  • Selecting the front or back camera
  • Switching from stills to video camera
  • Setting focus and exposure
  • Recording video
  • To flash or not to flash
  • Viewing back your videos

Module 3 – Next Steps (Building your confidence)

Techniques to improve the look and sound of your video

  • Biggest mistakes to avoid
  • Sorting out your sound
  • Lighting without lights
  • Accessories
  • Perfect framing

Module 4 – Shooting your videos

Lights, Camera and Action!

  • Sorting out the right setting
  • How to present to camera
  • Being confident on camera
  • Filming yourself
  • Watch over my shoulder as I shoot my videos

Module 5 – Editing your videos

Using iMovie to edit your videos

  • Trimming your videos
  • Basic editing
  • Adding titles and music
  • Advanced editing
  • iMovie trailers
  • Creating a bumper
  • Watch over my shoulder as I edit my videos

Module 6 - YouTube

YouTube - Tagging, describing and annotations

  • Creating a YouTube channel
  • Uploading your videos
  • Getting your videos found with SEO and tagging
  • YouTube annotations and captions
  • Sharing your video

NOTE: Although most of the content on this course is great for both iOS and Android users, Module 5 - Editing is only suitable for iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) devices. Many Android phones have great cameras, but sadly their editing apps are rather basic

The additional courses below can be bought as part of a bundle with the Easy-Pro Video online course, which will save you a considerable amount of money. You can of course purchase them separately at full price.

Video Testimonials @ $47

Capturing perfect video testimonials to grow your business

  • Why bother with video testimonials
  • Creating those perfect interview questions
  • How to get the answers you want
  • Finding the right environment to film
  • Shooting your customers
  • Editing your testimonials

Welcome Video @ $197

Every website should have a welcome video, telling visitors what you want them to do when they land on your page

  • Step-by-step guide to creating a welcome video
  • Downloadable script template to create an awesome welcome script
  • Simple instructions on how to shoot your welcome video with your smartphone or tablet

The cost of this course includes professional editing of your welcome video.

Easy-Pro Video Online Programme

Just $247




 No risk 30 day money back guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with Easy-Pro Video just email your login details within 30 days of purchase to neil@neilben.com to get a no questions asked refund.


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