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Film Yourself

Because we want to save you money

Learn to shoot your own videos

Cut your video production costs dramatically by filming your own videos. We can help you with the scripting, editing, graphics and delivery, you just do the easy (most expensive) bit. That's right... we train you to shoot your videos using your smartphone or tablet, and once you've shot them, you just leave us to do the rest.

Neil avoids shooting video wherever possible

That's the bit you do

Neil's unique approach to video production has not only won him an FSB Award for Business Innovation, it will save you a lot of money. He teaches you how to shoot your own videos and the cost savings means we can put more focus and support in the areas that really make a difference to the quality of your videos; the content and editing.

Worried you're not going to be good in front of the camera?
Lots of people start off thinking that. But Neil will hold your hand all the way through the process, giving you insider tips, tricks and techniques so you look and sound your best.

Don't know what your videos should be about?
Do not worry, Neil will work with you to brainstorm ideas, develop scripts and create content that will engage, inspire and then educate or inform your target audience.

Learn to shoot business videos

The Fantastic Factory

These videos, shot by the Fantastic Factory on their iPhones and edited by Neil, helped draw in investment for their new product ideas.

The Story of a Painting

Hard to believe that Claire and her assistant shot this on their iPhones, but they did... Of course, they did it with Neil's training and expert editing.

Neil and Suzie

A little testimonial from the lovely Suzie Parkus... Not sure who that short good looking bloke is.

Believable Finance Testimonial

Hear what Duncan and Bernard felt about working with Neil; learning how to shoot their own videos with their smart phones.

How it Works


Content is planned over several face-to-face, Zoom conversations.
Together we create the perfect format for your videos as you develop the content.
We will talk about your audience.
Knowing who you are making these videos for, will make creating them so much easier.
A video branding pack is created from your supplied artwork.
This includes intro and outro sequences, call-to-action slides and logo watermarks.
Support is given with presenting style.
What to say, where to look and what to do with your hands .


Training occurs at your place of work (or Neil's studios near Watford).
This usually lasts 5 - 6 hours, where you will be taught how to shoot your own videos.
Several videos will be shot during the training.
The first few videos will be directed by Neil, just to make sure you're happy in front of camera, then Neil will step back and show you how he set everything up, so you can do the filming in the future.
You will also be taught how to shoot video testimonials.
This is the most powerful video you can have for your business.


Videos will be professionally edited with branding and music.
Adjustments to sound, colour and framing will also be done as required.
Approved videos will be uploaded to your preferred streaming platform.
YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Amazon S3 or any other platform you require.
Additional videos will be shot by you and edited professionally.
Editing packages can be purchased in advance in blocks of 5 or 10 videos.
Full training and production for up to 8 videos from £2,000


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