filming on demand

Filming on Demand

Script - Shoot - Edit - Job Done

The quick and easy way to create video content for your website

Need videos for your website, social media or video blogging? Know you need to be creating video content for your business but aren't sure where to start? Worried you'll not be very good on camera?

Filming on Demand is for you.

In a two or three hour session in my studio in Abbots Langley, we will brain storm ideas, develop your scripts, film a few videos and then you'll sit with me while I start to edit. You will go home with as many videos as we can complete within that time. We will also have a lot of fun.

I will help you:

  • Get clear on your ideas
  • Support with the scripting
  • With great presentation skills
  • Feel confident in front of camera
  • Create great videos you'll be proud of
  • Do better than you though you could

Clients I have worked with:

Will Writers
Wedding DJs
Financial advisors
Pod casters
Social media experts

And so many more

What's your story?

Launching a new venture

Use your Friday Filming to promote up coming events, products or offers. Video engages so much better than text an images, so you'll see your sales go up when you upload your video

Show your expertise

Talk about an event or a client you have worked with, and how what you did made a difference. As you share your expertise more people will see you are the person they want to work with.

Offer Advice

Most people search YouTube looking for answers to their problems. So if you know your stuff, why not make videos offering advice to the problem areas you know your clients have

Be the expert that you are

Don't tell people how good you are, show people how good you are, and by sharing your expertise people will see you are the "go to person" in your field. Information videos will help build know like and trust.

Like to gossip

Use your filming session to create your video blog, where you talk about whatever you want, whenever you want to whoever will listen.


2 hour session

In two hours we can create ideas, develop the scripts, shoot and then edit around 3-4 videos. The more confident you are the more video content we will create. Make sure you send me your logo before hand as that will speed up the editing.

From £295

3 hour session

With three hours we can really get into the flow and create a large amount of video content. What tends to happen is we shoot 4 or 5 videos, edit them and then go back and shoot some more. Expect to go home with 6 - 8 videos.

From £395

Shoot and go

Once we have had our first filming and editing session, and created videos you are happy with, there is no need for you to stay for the edit. Just turn up, shoot your videos and leave me to finish everything just the way we did last time

From £195 per hour

The Filming on Demand Studio

The scripting, filming and editing of your videos take place in the top floor of this beautiful chapel in Abbots Langley, owned by DEMAND (Design & Manufacture For Disability).

DEMAND have been very generous in allowing me to set up in a space they no longer use in return for a donation for everything client I work with. That means a percentage of your fee will go to support the amazing work they do.

All Filming on Demand sessions must be booked in advance and usually take place on week days between 9.30am - 5.00pm.

So get in touch 07956-376239 and lets get you booked in.