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It's a wrap

The 30 day blogging challenge

With added video, just to make it a real challenge

So I'm sitting in the kitchen with my business mentor in early August and she says to me...

"I think you should do Sarah Arrow's 30-day blogging challenge, here's her webpage... just put your name and email address in there."

Now I'm a good boy (most of the time) and follow the advice I'm given, so I did what I was told, entered my name and email address (being careful to spell my name right as I've done it wrong before and got emails sent to Meal) and the challenge begun. No um-ing or ah-ing, no hesitation, just went for it.

No, I REALLY went for it

I'm not a man for taking the easy route, and because my thing is video I decided to make this a video blog challenge, so all (except one) of my blogs contained at least one video, some had 2 and one even had 4.

And it's been fun and it's been easy.

30-days of video blogging... Easy?

Ok, there were challenges, but do you want to know what the hardest thing was? You do? Then watch the video below to find out...

To blog or not to blog - That is the question

I apologise for Rudolf muffling my mic at one point, he does like a cuddle!

So guys and gals, do have a go at Sarah's 30-day challenge, and if you find that too easy and really want a challenge, guess what, I have a 7 day video challenge From selfie-shots to self-shooter in seven days, which will be growing into a 30-day video challenge, so watch this space.


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