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Some people love reading, others love watching videos... well you get to do both at Neil Ben TV. With stories from the world of TV in "Gossip from the Gallery, "How to videos", helping you do everything from writing scripts to filming with your phone, and a little bit of Neil wisdom thrown into the mix.

Surviving troubling times

When everyone else is panicking I'm sitting writing this blog on my balcony* overlooking the sea at Portimão in the […]

Get people to love your business #1

Yes, it’s finally happened. I’ve found (wonders of wonders) someone who wants to spend time with me as much as […]

Get people to love your business #2

Isn't love a wonderful thing. It makes everything look so much better. It throws light on darkness, makes you a […]

Is branding just a new logo?

I spent the last 2 months of 2017 re-branding... And if all I managed to do in that time was […]

Writer's block

What to do when you get stuck and don't know what to write? Writer's block is not unusual, and it […]

Priceless Advice

Life is too short to work with difficult people... That was the advice I was given by one of the […]

Never work with Children

They say "never work with children"! But I disagree, I loved working in BBC Children's and BBC Schools Television because […]

Scofield and Minelli

Even talented, professional TV presenters get star struck When I got into the BBC, but before I started in telly, […]

Let it go

No matter how hard it was to get that shot, sometimes you need to let it go When I got […]

Joanna and Hugh

Directing Joanna Lumley and Hugh Laurie on the same day was "interesting" I was very lucky to have had the […]

Tricks of television

Not everything is as it seems in the world of television If you ever have the opportunity to walk round […]

Lily Savage

Lily Savage was great even if she hadn't learnt her lines In the mid 90s I directed an English programme […]

One video and Channel 4 calls

Dog Portrait artist Claire Thorogood invited onto Channel 4's Crufts I recently finished editing a promo video for Claire Thorogood, […]

Is the New Year feeling old already?

Only 14% of people keep their New Year resolutions for a year 45% give up in the first month 66% […]

I'm sorry, what did you say?

Business jargon, what's the point? I only ever watch one episode of each series of The Apprentice... The one when the […]

What's your unique selling proposition?

Creating a USP is possibly the most important thing you can do for your business What do you mean you […]

What Teletubbies has taught me about directing business videos

In the mid 90s I left the BBC and became a freelance director. Over the next 15 or so years […]

Are you your brand?

Are you, or your business, your brand? I'm not entirely sure what it is, maybe it's my stunning good looks, […]

how to get a job in television

It's Friday, it's five to five and it's Crackerjack! When I was 11 my parents got audience tickets to go […]

How many excuses can you make

When is an excuse valid and when is it a cop out? This is something I've been asking myself all […]

Improv can improve your business

Improv can improve your business Not only that, it can make your life so much more rewarding. DISCLAIMER: As they […]

Where's the value in working for FREE?

Is working for FREE bad for business? I do not know the answer to this question so I value your […]

Why laughter is the best educator

They say "Laughter is the best medicine"... I agree with whoever the they are that says this... But I say […]

I don't want to be on video

"I don't want to be on video!" ... is the biggest excuse I hear from people who avoid using video […]

Video Production Company in Watford

That doesn't like shooting video! How is that possible? Anim8 Production Company is run by Neil Ben, and ex-BBC Producer […]

It's a wrap

The 30 day blogging challenge With added video, just to make it a real challenge So I'm sitting in the […]

What I do is not important

It's what you will do after working with me That will make the difference How would you like to have: […]

Thank you Grandma for my Jumper

Easy-Pro Video Having the tools and knowing how to use them is not enough. You may know how to use […]

Top 5 business videos

You can make yourself With your smartphone or tablet Mobile video consumption rises 100% every year on YouTube, 75% of […]

How to make a video with your smartphone or tablet

Without video you will disappear A few years ago if you didn't have a website you'd get forgotten, nobody would […]

Your post is not sound

Can I put you in the picture? I've been getting involved in a FaceBook thread for the past few days. […]

Presenter's block and how to handle it

Do you freeze in front of camera? Or don't know what to say when the director says "action". Maybe you […]

Where do I stick my video?

Video blogging and the best way to do it I saw this question in a FaceBook group, posted by the […]

Why video is better than text

You could read this blog but... 80% of you are not going to absorb the information as well as you […]

Start preparing for the next big event

To increase your Video views If you're thinking now's the best time to create some Rio related videos around the […]

How to teach difficult subjects to 8 year olds

Just So Darwin BAFTA nominated series In 2009, to celebrate the death of Sir Charles Darwin, I was asked to […]

Engage, Inspire, Educate and have Fun

It's not just enough to Inform With many years experience in video and television production, particularity in making educational and […]

Where's your neck?

Thank you for your question I didn't get to where I am today without people helping me out, so when […]

What's the number one video you should have on your website?

And it's not a promo film Let's start with a list of some of the videos that you can have […]

How do you make an engaging video?

Is it not enough to just have video? That statistics are very persuasive: 70% of marketing professionals report that video […]

Can you blog if you're bad at English?

You can't spell and your grammar is terrible I know the feeling... And this may not be a diagnosed infliction, […]

Don't sweat the technical

What's the best camera to film with? I often get calls from people who want videos made and the first […]

What is the easiest way to create content for a blog

Without using your brain Today is Sunday, last night was Super Saturday of the Rio Olympics, I was up until […]

How to get 1.7 million people to see your story

Without trying too hard You know I keep going on about how easy it is to make your own videos, […]

Why networking is a waste of time

If you want to grow you business quickly Many of the small business owners I know say there’s just not […]

Videos of the week

Don't miss out on any of my awesome videos I can't believe it, today is day nine of a thirty […]

How to make your video less boring

If you want to make your videos less boring you need to stop telling people what you know and start […]

How to turn your phone into a professional video kit

For less than the cost of your phone The video camera on your phone shoots better quality video than the […]

Why bother having a YouTube channel

After all, isn't it a lot of work to make a video? Well no... The truth is, it takes me […]

Easy Pro Video Masterclass

Learn how to create high-quality business videos using your own smartphone or tablet "The average internet user spends 88% more […]

What is a videographer?

And why I get upset when I'm called one What is a videographer? A videographer is a person who works […]

Coming up with new ideas for your videos

And is it ok to "steal" other people's ideas I was scrolling through FaceBook this morning and stumbled across a […]

How to write a video script

To promote the work that you do You run a business, you've been told video is the best medium to […]

How much does a business promotional video cost

Well that depends It is hard to breakdown all the costs involved in making a video because every client and […]

How do I get more high paying VIP clients

Because you're worth it You're an expert in your field, you really know your stuff and you are making a […]

Do you need to be perfect in front of camera

What's better? Being perfect in front of camera or being passionate in front of camera? My belief is that being […]

How do I get more clients?

'Cause I'm really good at what I do' Being great at what you do doesn't necessarily mean you're going to […]

Why I don't need clients

Nor do I need a Lovely partner Having spent 12 days in Thailand, sometimes working, sometimes relaxing, I learnt lots […]

How video is saving me one day a week

And why networking is a waste of time In 2010 I was a successful (mulit-award winning) television producer / director, […]

If it's good enough for Bentley

It's got to be good enough for us ! If you've known me a while you've probably picked up that […]

How to get your YouTube video watched all the way to the end

How do you get people to watch your YouTube video all the way to the end? There are a few […]

Beat your competitors

It's a tough market out there, so how do you stay one step ahead of the competition? This was the […]

Don't kill your business

The 5 BIGGEST mistakes people make when filming their own business video I was sitting in my office the other […]

Video Blog like a Pro

Is vlogging better than blogging? What are video blogging’s benefits? Why bother with video blogging? After all, isn’t it a […]

Promote yourself through Video

What makes a great profile video? If you want people to get to know what you do, the easiest and […]

Get your aim right

Setting focus when you're trying to film yourself? If you are going to shoot yourself and want it to look […]

Shoot your customers

Imagine you’re a plumber and you’ve just finished fixing the heating system in a client’s home and they say to […]


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