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02 Jan 2017

I don’t want to be on video

“I don’t want to be on video!” … is the biggest excuse I hear from people who avoid using video as part of their business marketing. The first thing is to look at the real reasons why people avoid video. These are the most common excuses I hear:  – I don’t like the way I look or sound on video – I’m not going to be good enough Lets deal with the first one first. I don’t like the way […]

01 Jan 2017

2017 – The Year for Video

2107 is the Year for Video And I have a promise for you: If you are serious about growing your business and have thought about using video to help you, but you are putting it off for whatever reason – be it lack of knowledge, experience, confidence, funds, motivation, or you’re just plain scared – I will find a way to help you I am on a mission to make video accessible to anyone who is serious about harnessing it’s […]

04 Oct 2016

Why having a promo video may not work for you

Especially if that’s the only video you have on your website Don’t get me wrong, promo videos are a great way for people to understand about your business, see what you do and decide if you are the kind of company they want to work with. So why am I saying “they may not work for you”? If you expect a promo video to drive traffic to your website you will be disappointed Videos are great if someone lands on […]

26 Sep 2016

Video Production Company in Watford

That doesn’t like shooting video! How is that possible? Anim8 Production Company is run by Neil Ben, and ex-BBC Producer / Director and yes it’s true, Neil doesn’t like shooting video. But his company has won a business award for the Innovative way it helps businesses use video. Again, how is that possible? Simple really. Neil prefers to teach his clients how to shoot videos themselves, using their smartphone or tablet, through his coaching and training programmes. One of the […]

01 Sep 2016

It’s a wrap

The 30 day blogging challenge With added video, just to make it a real challenge So I’m sitting in the kitchen with my business mentor in early August and she says to me… “I think you should do Sarah Arrow’s 30-day blogging challenge, here’s her webpage… just put your name and email address in there.” Now I’m a good boy (most of the time) and follow the advice I’m given, so I did what I was told, entered my name […]

31 Aug 2016

What I do is not important

It’s what you will do after working with me That will make the difference How would you like to have: A YouTube channel 20+ videos on your channel Those videos presenting a clear and focused message to potential clients Your videos are drawing lots of traffic to your website That traffic is generating more sales Many subscribers to your channel People are engaging with you more on social media Your profile is rising as an expert in your field Your […]

30 Aug 2016

Thank you Grandma for my Jumper

Easy-Pro Video Having the tools and knowing how to use them is not enough. You may know how to use a pencil, but can you write a great letter to your granny, thanking her for your annual Christmas Jumper? If you were 3 you’d probably struggle, needing the help of a grown up. But as you got older you’d develop your writing skills and could do it yourself. Now, my guess is, using a pencil and writing notes is easy. […]

29 Aug 2016

Top 5 business videos

You can make yourself With your smartphone or tablet Mobile video consumption rises 100% every year on YouTube, 75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week and 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others… Well you know the rest, I’m a big fan of video and as much of the video consumption and sharing is on mobile devices, using your mobile device to create that content is a great idea. Top 5 […]

28 Aug 2016

How to make a video with your smartphone or tablet

Without video you will disappear A few years ago if you didn’t have a website you’d get forgotten, nobody would be able to find you or know what you did. The same cane be said these days if you don’t have video. No video means: less traffic to your website people will bounce off your site quicker less engagement no engagement on mobile devices people won’t share your content you won’t be able to build know, like and trust If […]

27 Aug 2016

Your post is not sound

Can I put you in the picture? I’ve been getting involved in a FaceBook thread for the past few days. Here’s the question below: Does anyone in this group do video blogs? I am looking to start and need some advice on good quality yet affordable recording equipment, as well as video editing software. Can anyone assist me with this? What a gift, if you’ve been reading my video blogs or know me, you know this is absolutely my area […]