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25 Aug 2016

Presenter’s block and how to handle it

Do you freeze in front of camera? Or don’t know what to say when the director says “action”. Maybe you are suffering from presenter’s block. First of all, I have no idea if presenter’s block is a real term or not, so I am going to define it just in case WRITER’S BLOCK – the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing PRESENTER’S BLOCK – the condition of being unable to […]

24 Aug 2016

Where do I stick my video?

Video blogging and the best way to do it I saw this question in a FaceBook group, posted by the lovely Carol Hanson I’m finally reaching the 21st Century when it comes to using video and being brave enough to put it You Tube and embed on my website as part of my blogs!! But I could really use some help! … 1. I’ve read that it’s good to include text with a video post and so have dutifully done […]

23 Aug 2016

Why video is better than text

You could read this blog but… 80% of you are not going to absorb the information as well as you would from a video because you are visual learners. You need to see stuff rather than read stuff. Your brain has to work much harder when you read text and in these days of instant gratification and quick fixes video gives the majority of consumers what they want without having to work for it. Reading articles and watching videos require […]

22 Aug 2016

Start preparing for the next big event

To increase your Video views If you’re thinking now’s the best time to create some Rio related videos around the Olympics, you’re probably a bit late. But you can start planning for Tokyo. When you create videos around big events it’s called Tent Poling and can have an amazing effect on your video views. The calendar is filled with a number of special events that get people excited: Halloween, Christmas, the Super Bowl, and those aren’t nearly the only ones.  […]

21 Aug 2016

How to teach difficult subjects to 8 year olds

Just So Darwin BAFTA nominated series In 2009, to celebrate the death of Sir Charles Darwin, I was asked to produce an animation series for the BBC. The brief was to get across the teachings of Darwin in an engaging and entertaining way.   The background to the commission 200 years ago Charles Darwin was born. In his 20s he became the naturalist on a British Science Expedition, traveling around the world in a ship called the HMS Beagle. His […]

20 Aug 2016

Engage, Inspire, Educate and have Fun

It’s not just enough to Inform With many years experience in video and television production, particularity in making educational and training films, I get asked a lot for feedback on people’s training videos. What I see is that people are great at getting the didactic stuff right, they get all the learning points on screen and are very clear and logical in presenting the information they need the learner to get. Great job? Well it’s a start They are using […]

19 Aug 2016

Where’s your neck?

Thank you for your question I didn’t get to where I am today without people helping me out, so when I post a video, or a blog and get questions I am more than happy to share my experience. It’s kind of like a “pass it on” thing… I’ve been helped along the way, so I am happy to help others along too. So ask away. I am, after all, an expert in what I do As a multi-award winning […]

18 Aug 2016

What’s the number one video you should have on your website?

And it’s not a promo film Let’s start with a list of some of the videos that you can have on your site: welcome video promo video how-to video expert video training video animated video explainer video marketing video demo video advert behind the scenes profile video authentic video blog video All of these are great and of course there are many more videos you can have, it is only limited by your creativity. I’ve deliberately left one off this […]

17 Aug 2016

How do you make an engaging video?

Is it not enough to just have video? That statistics are very persuasive: 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium – MarketingProfs Visitors who view videos stay on web sites an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos – ComScore The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video – Mist Media Which means people are eventually coming round to the idea that having video on […]

16 Aug 2016

Can you blog if you’re bad at English?

You can’t spell and your grammar is terrible I know the feeling… And this may not be a diagnosed infliction, but I’m sure I’ve got typing dyslexia. My brain knows what it wants to type but the signals get muddled up on the way to my fingers so they don’t always hit the right keys. When I was at school I remember being told (when I was about 7 or 8 at the time), that I’d never be good at […]