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15 Aug 2016

Don’t sweat the technical

What’s the best camera to film with? I often get calls from people who want videos made and the first question they ask is “what camera do you use?” If you want to work with me that is not a question you need to ask, because if you are worried about the technical stuff; what camera I’m using, what microphones I’m using, what lights I’m going to set up, then you’re not interested in the content. It is just about […]

14 Aug 2016

What is the easiest way to create content for a blog

Without using your brain Today is Sunday, last night was Super Saturday of the Rio Olympics, I was up until 3.30 in the morning to see if Jessica Ennis-Hill could win the gold medal in the Heptathlon. She got the silver, great. Moe got the gold in the 10,000m which was awesome. The thing is I’ve only had about 4 hours sleep and I’m out today, and I’ve got a blog to do. So what’s the quickest way for me […]

13 Aug 2016

How to get 1.7 million people to see your story

Without trying too hard You know I keep going on about how easy it is to make your own videos, and that by having video as part of your marketing strategy will have a significant effect on your business. . Don’t take my word for it, let me tell you about one of my clients, the amazing hypnotherapist Sharon Waxkirsh. . Sharon has been on one of my workshops, learning how to shoot her own videos on her smartphone. She […]

12 Aug 2016

Why networking is a waste of time

If you want to grow you business quickly Many of the small business owners I know say there’s just not enough hours in the day to do everything. So why are they wasting their time networking when there are better ways to draw in new clients which take much less time? . First thing to ask is why do people go networking?  . My answer: To make connections, meet new people, support other members of the group and ultimately create […]

11 Aug 2016

Videos of the week

Don’t miss out on any of my awesome videos I can’t believe it, today is day nine of a thirty day business blogging challenge that I’m doing. And you know me, I don’t like to make things easy. So I decided to make each of my blogs a video blog, that means not only researching and then writing several hundred words, it means complimenting that content with a video. If you’ve missed out, here’s a summery of the best blogs […]

10 Aug 2016

How to make your video less boring

If you want to make your videos less boring you need to stop telling people what you know and start showing them who you are There is this pattern I see in a lot of videos. It goes a bit like this: a problem is set up – “you’re having difficulty with this, or maybe you’re stuck with that” the expert introduces themselves – and says why they are qualified to solve that problem then they say – “I’m not […]

09 Aug 2016

How to turn your phone into a professional video kit

For less than the cost of your phone The video camera on your phone shoots better quality video than the cameras I used when I was at the BBC. Let me say that again, so you get it. When I was at the BBC we shot on the best cameras in the world, and now, that phone you carry around in your pocket, the one you check FaceBook on and send emails with, can shoot at a higher definition than […]

08 Aug 2016

Why bother having a YouTube channel

After all, isn’t it a lot of work to make a video? Well no… The truth is, it takes me less time to shoot, edit and upload a video to YouTube then it takes me to write and publish a blog. Let me break down the steps in creating a blog or making a YouTube video, and the associated time: Writing a blog Come up with an idea – 10 mins Plan out the content – 15 mins Write the […]

07 Aug 2016

Easy Pro Video Masterclass

Learn how to create high-quality business videos using your own smartphone or tablet “The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video.” Mist Media You know you need video on your website and social media. You know video can help raise your profile, attract new customers, and transform your business. But you also know that professional video can be expensive. On this one-day masterclass, you will learn how to harness the power of video without breaking […]

06 Aug 2016

What is a videographer?

And why I get upset when I’m called one What is a videographer? A videographer is a person who works in the field of videography and video production. They record moving images and sound on video tape, disk, other electro-mechanical device. Should I get upset when I get called one? “Hell Yes” And you should get upset too if people call you by the wrong job title. This is not intended to sound like bragging, but I am a multi […]