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04 Aug 2016

How to write a video script

To promote the work that you do You run a business, you’ve been told video is the best medium to get your message out there, to create lots of that lovely google juice and to connect with your tribe. So you’ve decided to start making videos. You want to share you expertise, connect with your tribe and share you message, so surely a script is the perfect place to start. How do you write a video script? We’ll I’ve been […]

19 May 2016

How much does a business promotional video cost

Well that depends It is hard to breakdown all the costs involved in making a video because every client and every requirement is different, but below is an example of what it takes to create a short promotional video (2-5 minutes) for your business and approximately how much things are going to cost. Pre-production This is the most important part of the production process, get the planning right and everything else will fall into place. During pre-production planning everything is […]

10 Mar 2016

How do I get more high paying VIP clients

Because you’re worth it You’re an expert in your field, you really know your stuff and you are making a difference but, you want to draw in more high-paying VIP clients. So how’d you do that? If you really know your stuff there’s no reason why you cannot bring in high-paying VIP clients because there are always people our there looking for what you do. The problem is how do they find you? That’s the tricky bit, that’s the bit […]

04 Mar 2016

Do you need to be perfect in front of camera

What’s better? Being perfect in front of camera or being passionate in front of camera? My belief is that being perfect is not achievable, so it’s simple for me, it’s much better to be passionate. If you’re perfect, well, where can you go from there? And, if you make a mistake what’s going to happen? Is your whole world going to collapse? On the other hand, if you are passionate about what you do and you make a mistake, there’s […]

03 Mar 2016

How do I get more clients?

‘Cause I’m really good at what I do’ Being great at what you do doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have a lot of clients It’s a sad fact that not everyone who is great at what they do gets as much work, as many clients, or gets paid as much as people who, to be blunt, are nowhere near as good as they are. And it can be very frustrating, I know, I’ve been there. That was until I […]

07 Nov 2015

Why I don’t need clients

Nor do I need a Lovely partner Having spent 12 days in Thailand, sometimes working, sometimes relaxing, I learnt lots of things. For a start, I realised that I crave connection, I don’t like being on my own. I love working with my clients, making sure they get the best support from me to enable them to get their message out there. I also enjoy connecting on a personal level. But I saw quite clearly that NEEDING these connections does […]

17 Sep 2015

How video is saving me one day a week

And why networking is a waste of time In 2010 I was a successful (mulit-award winning) television producer / director, making TV programmes for the BBC, Sky, Discovery and Nickelodeon. Then everything changed. I became a single dad and it was no longer possible to work the hours that television demanded, while at the same time look after my two beautiful children. So I had to come up with a new plan. I decided to use my skills as a […]

02 Sep 2015

If it’s good enough for Bentley

It’s got to be good enough for us ! If you’ve known me a while you’ve probably picked up that I think filming on your smartphone is a great idea… I’ve even gone as far to say that the camera on my iPhone gets better quality video then the cameras I used to use when I was at the BBC. Don’t believe me…? Then don’t take my word for it… Just check out what Bentley have been doing. They’ve only […]

15 Dec 2014

How to get your YouTube video watched all the way to the end

How do you get people to watch your YouTube video all the way to the end? There are a few things you can do in your video to keep your audience engaged and watch all the way to the final frame. Watch the video… All the way to the end… To see what you can do to keep people watching.   Tip #1: Headline your video Right at the start of your video, tell your viewers what the video is […]

09 Oct 2014

Beat your competitors

It’s a tough market out there, so how do you stay one step ahead of the competition? This was the problem faced by Spanish plumber José, business was booming until another Spanish plumber rode into town.