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09 Oct 2014

It’s a tough market out there, so how do you stay one step ahead of the competition?

This was the problem faced by Spanish plumber José, business was booming until another Spanish plumber rode into town.


09 Oct 2014

Don’t kill your business

The 5 BIGGEST mistakes people make when filming their own business video I was sitting in my office the other day, editing a children’s animation, when I heard the familiar ping of an incoming email. Normally when I’m in the flow of editing I ignore the emails, but I glanced across to check the subject line How to cut your insurance costs by 30% and was just about to hit delete when I noticed there was a video embedded in […]

09 Oct 2014

Video Blog like a Pro

Is vlogging better than blogging? What are video blogging’s benefits? Why bother with video blogging? After all, isn’t it a little bit of a hassle getting your camera out every couple of weeks and shooting yourself talking about something interesting? Surely it’s going to take considerably longer to produce a video than write a blog? Well no… Talking to camera can be incredibly easy and very fast.  I can write quickly, but I edit heavily; I chop out words, rearrange sentences, […]

09 Oct 2014

Promote yourself through Video

What makes a great profile video? If you want people to get to know what you do, the easiest and quickest way is to create a profile video. You can put the video on the home or about page of your website; you can embed it in your LinkedIn profile; you can even put a link to it in your email footer. But what makes a great profile video, how long should it be and what should you talk about? […]

09 Oct 2014

Get your aim right

Setting focus when you’re trying to film yourself? If you are going to shoot yourself and want it to look great, I suggest you get some of the technicalities right. Especially setting focus. Yes, it’s so much easier to keep all the settings of the video camera on your smartphone to auto, but that’s not going to give you the sharpest image. If your phone has the ability to lock the focus them make sure you set the focus But […]

11 Mar 2014

Shoot your customers

Imagine you’re a plumber and you’ve just finished fixing the heating system in a client’s home and they say to you… “Thank you so much for coming today to fix my heating. I haven’t been able to bath the kids for two days and now we are all looking forward to a lovely warm bubble bath. I really appreciate you coming over the weekend and not charging me extra. You’ve done a great job and I’m certainly going to be […]