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Imagine you’re a plumber and you’ve just finished fixing the heating system in a client’s home and they say to you...

“Thank you so much for coming today to fix my heating. I haven’t been able to bath the kids for two days and now we are all looking forward to a lovely warm bubble bath. I really appreciate you coming over the weekend and not charging me extra. You’ve done a great job and I’m certainly going to be recommending you to my family and friends.”


Feedback like that is lovely to receive, but other than that warm fuzzy feeling you get from the pride of being appreciated for a job well done, how valuable is that to you?

Now image that you had captured that comment on video and loaded it on YouTube, embed it in your website, shared it on your company FaceBook profile and posted it on Twitter or LinkedIn. How valuable would that be to your business now?

Studies have shown that only 14% of people believe advertising, but an amazing 90% believe peer recommendation. So having your customers saying wonderful things about the work you do through video, is one of the most powerful ways to persuade others to become your customers too.

But having a film crew on standby on the off chance that a customer is going to say something nice about you is not a cost effective solution to gathering your video testimonials, so what are you going to do?

Well, what you’re going to do is whip out your smart phone and film the testimonial yourself.

If all this seems a bit too daunting to do on your own, check out my smart phone video training courses, where I teach you everything you need to know in order to shoot great quality films on your phone.

Here’s one of my recent students, Mike Dilke from talking about his experience on the course.


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Neil Ben

Neil Ben is a Director, Coach and Trainer who works with Entrepreneurs, Sole Traders and SMEs, to help them use video to stand out from their competitors. He started his television career as an assistant producer in the BBC in the late 80s and has won many awards for both his broadcast and video productions including a BAFTA nomination and an FSB Award for Business Innovation.

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