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Surviving troubling times

When everyone else is panicking

I'm sitting writing this blog on my balcony* overlooking the sea at Portimão in the Algarve. I fly back to the UK tomorrow morning to empty shelves, social distancing and self-isolation. It's all very worrying.

* I'm home safely now, but I did write this in Portugal

My biggest concern is...

Not about catching the virus, because if I do I will be fine... chicken soup is amazing stuff... I am more concerned about passing the virus on to more vulnerable individuals, but that's also not my biggest worry.

My biggest concern is what's going to happen to people's businesses, lively hoods and work:

  • If we can’t work, how will we pay the mortgage?
  • Will we be able to feed our families?
  • How can workshops continue if people are social distancing?

The view from my 8th floor balcony as I write

Now I'm lucky... I've had 5 days in the sun, away from all the madness, the constant news updates, the panic buying and the speculation, so I've been able to spend some time thinking. And in times l like this there are some positives:

  • The air is cleaner
  • The traffic is lighter
  • You can get a seat on the underground
  • People are more caring of their and others' personal space
  • And worldwide we are now more worried about fighting the virus than each other

There are of course people who are profiteering from this event... Hand sanitisers that usually cost a pound and going for £6-£20 and the range (and cost) of surgical facemasks on eBay is unreal. That aside, I've been wondering...

Is there a way to survive, even prosper in a more loving, caring, supportive way...? And I believe YES it is possible - and not just for me...

But for you too

Especially if you are a person who earns their living:

  • Coaching, training or running live workshops
  • Selling products that require demonstrating
  • Offering a service that you can do at home, but find clients through networking

As meetings and gatherings are being restricted, how can you continue to earn if face-to-face is what you do?

Move your business online

What to do if you are a coach, trainer or you run live workshops

You can create an online version of your workshops or training courses and get them live very fast on platforms such as Thinkific or Plugstreet... Now you, being the expert, know your content well, so it wouldn't take long to "translate" your live presentations into video, pdf and even quiz content.

Depending on the size of your workshop you could have an online version created in a under a week ready to market to all those bored and frustrated people at home.

Then complement your online course with 1-2-1 coaching via Zoom or Skype and create a FaceBook group to keep your learners motivated with challenges, feedback and Q&A sessions.

That's all there is to it

What to do if you sell a product or service that requires demonstrating

You create an explainer or video demonstration or a white board animation video that you then send to potential clients and then discuss details over Skype, Zoom or the phone.

Animation is particularly great for explaining services

What to do if you get most of your clients from live networking events

Now remember, people buy from people, so they need to see you in order to get to know, like and trust you. Consider Facebook live events / broadcasting and video conferencing, and create videos where people can get to learn about your services and get to love you and your business without even meeting you.

You may find you do better this way then you did when Networking

If this all sounds a bit daunting

Do not worry, I am here to help.

For the 30+ years I have been in TV and Video Production, I have specialised in making engaging and inspiring content that help people learn.

So rather than worry about empty workshops and the reduction in face-to-face coaching clients, let me help you translate your expertise into online workshops in which your clients can participate from the comfort of their own homes. Let me also support you in setting up Zoom conferencing and a Facebook group if that is necessary.

And allow me to help you get your workshop up on Thinkific or Plugtreet so you can start marketing and selling it.

If you have a product or service that needs explaining - let me help you create a demo or explainer video, or let my animators loose on your story.

And finally, for you serial networkers, let me help you create videos that will build "know, like and trust", attracting new clients you may never have met face to face.

So just pick up the phone and give me a call (number's in the footer below). And let's have a chat about how things may not be quite as bad as you think.

Images by Neil with his iPhone and Tumisu from Pixabay

Neil Ben

Neil Ben is a Director, Coach and Trainer who works with Entrepreneurs, Sole Traders and SMEs, to help them use video to stand out from their competitors. He started his television career as an assistant producer in the BBC in the late 80s and has won many awards for both his broadcast and video productions including a BAFTA nomination and an FSB Award for Business Innovation.

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