Training Films

Training Films that Engage and Inspire

When your audience is engaged they will learn; when they are inspired they will remember

Working with training organisations to create engaging video content, that inspires learners to learn and empowers them with new knowledge and experience.

I translate your expertise into videos that engage and inspire your target audience and help them understand your message. I recommend which style of video best suits your subject area, then produce and direct your videos to full broadcast standards.

2T3C9522 copyI'll give you advice about what will work best, including genre, cast, location, scripts and budget. I oversee the whole production process. Hire a broadcast crew (or shoot it myself). Edit your videos including graphics, music and branding. And finally, I help you find the best streaming solution to keep your intellectual property safe.

You benefit from having an overall strategy and vision for your video production plus all the production skills – and the whole process is painless and fun.

By the way, I'm a stickler for punctuality, so you can be assured your schedule will be met (provided you give me all the information I need on time).

What style of training film do you fancy?


Bring the outside world into the training room with documentary films. You can't set fire to the training room if you are doing a workshop on fire safety, but you can show a video of how quickly a fire can spread through a building.


If you can make the punchline of the sketch hit with the point you want your learners to get, they will remember it. Comedy is a great way to engage and inspire. Your learners will definitely remember your videos.


Animation is a perfect way to teach young learners. It is also great at explaining difficult concepts, and we can produce you both character and whiteboard animations.


Drama is great to engage your learners emotionally, it gives them a reason why they need to know the information you’re sharing. I created these videos to help line managers understand about dealing with conflict.

Studio Discussion

When learners hear experts talk they "get it". So bring your experts into the studio with a professional presenter and get them talking. This is a great way to create a lot of content in a short amount of time.

Straight Presentation with Graphics

Shot in front of green screen, straight delivery with added animated graphics is a great way to present your knowledge and wisdom in a simple yet engaging way


Management Training Films

"We wanted someone who knew how to turn our ideas into training videos that really engaged the learners. Neil delivered way more than we were expecting." Andy Cook - CEO,  Marshal-James

Sales Training Videos

“Neil is not only great at creating videos, he actually understands how people learn. So he’s been able to take our concepts and make them so much more engaging from a learning perspective.”   Leigh Ashton – Co-Founder of Sasudi – “Making Sales Easy”

Self Development Workshops

“Neil, you are a man of utter passion and dedication to your art. Your films capture the essence of my work, allowing others to see in an instant what my workshops offer”
   Malcolm Stern – Director of Alternatives and Psychotherapist