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Video Production Company in Watford

That doesn't like shooting video!

How is that possible?

Anim8 Production Company is run by Neil Ben, and ex-BBC Producer / Director and yes it's true, Neil doesn't like shooting video.

But his company has won a business award for the Innovative way it helps businesses use video.

Again, how is that possible?

Simple really. Neil prefers to teach his clients how to shoot videos themselves, using their smartphone or tablet, through his coaching and training programmes.

One of the most popular schemes is his Local Hero Programme

How the 'Local Hero' coaching programme works

  • Content is planned over several Skype conversations
    Together we will create the perfect format for your videos as you develop the content
  • A video branding pack is created for you from supplied artwork
    This includes intro and outro sequences, call to action slides and logo watermarks
  • Training takes place at your place of work
    This usually lasts 5 - 6 hours, where you will be taught how to shoot you own videos
  • Several videos will be shot during the training
    The first few will be directed by Neil Ben, just to make sure the format works, then Neil will step back and support you while you shoot the next few on your own
  • Videos will be professionally edited with branding and music
    Adjustments to sound, colour and framing will also be done if required
  • Approved videos will be uploaded to  your preferred streaming platform
    This could be YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Amazon S3 or any other platform
  • Additional videos will be shot by you and edited professionally
    Five videos will be produced as part of the coaching package. Further editing packages can be purchased in advance in blocks of 5 to 20 videos


So what can you do if you're a local hero?

Once you know how to capture great footage with your phone, there are many different videos you can shoot that will make a massive difference to your business, including:

  • Client testimonials
  • Information videos
  • Expert videos
  • How to videos
  • A welcome video
  • Promotional videos
  • Client stories

You will get all the training and support you need to shoot these videos, creating great quality footage that we will professionally edit.

And the good news is, as you are doing the filming yourself you only pay for the editing, which is a really cost effect way to get loads of great quality videos, and a much better option than hiring a "normal" video production company who shoots the videos for you.

The Local Hero Programme is awesome, but don't take my word for it. Listen to Duncan and Bernard from Believable Finance, who are creating amazing videos for their finance training membership site through the Local Hero Programme.

Neil Ben

Neil Ben is a Director, Coach and Trainer who works with Entrepreneurs, Sole Traders and SMEs, to help them use video to stand out from their competitors. He started his television career as an assistant producer in the BBC in the late 80s and has won many awards for both his broadcast and video productions including a BAFTA nomination and an FSB Award for Business Innovation.

Working with Neil

For support in the production of videos check out Business Video Services.
If you want to learn how to make your own videos using your smartphones or tablet check out the Easy-Pro Video Online courses
You can also attend one of Neil’s video workshops
Or Neil can support you in making Engaging and Inspiring training videos


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