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I can't believe it, today is day nine of a thirty day business blogging challenge that I'm doing. And you know me, I don't like to make things easy. So I decided to make each of my blogs a video blog, that means not only researching and then writing several hundred words, it means complimenting that content with a video.

If you've missed out, here's a summery of the best blogs from the past week or so.

Top five video blogs from

5) Coming up with new ideas for your videos

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 08.53.26If you are creating new content day after day it can be quite tough to come up with new ideas every day. So how do you do it?

The big question I asked in this vlog was "Is it ok to steal other people's ideas?"

4) What is a videographer

Training video shootA lot of people think I'm a videographer, well I'm not. This post was about why you should stand up for your expert status and demand to be called by your expert title.

"Stand up for your position, your job title and your skills, because people will trust you and elevate you and think “yes” that is the guy I want to work with."

3) How to make your videos less boring

Don't get me wrong, video is great and the sooner you start using it's amazing power to grow your business the better, and even the simplest video will make a massive difference.

But once you start building your confidence in front of and behind camera the camera you need to start mixing it up and creating videos different from the normal.

2) The Easy-Pro Video Masterclass

The reason this is number 2 is because this is going to be an amazing event in an amazing venue, and what better way to promote a Masterclass that people will not want to miss, is through my vlog.

"You know you need video on your website and social media. You know video can help raise your profile, attract new customers, and transform your business. But you also know that professional video can be expensive.

On this one-day masterclass, you will learn how to harness the power of video without breaking the bank – by using your own smartphone and tablet."

theatre royalThe Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on the 22nd Sept

1) How to turn your phone into a professional video kit

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.33.52

Out of all my posts this week, this one got the most engagement, the most comments, the most shares and the most video views... So what does that tell me? It tells me people want to use video and if they can find an easy and cost effect way to do it they will.

Check out this vlog to see what everyone has been talking about.

Over the coming weeks I'm going to create more posts on making videos with your smartphone or tablet, so do keep an eye out for them.

I'll also be sending out regular updates, not only on my video blogs, but all things video. So click on the image below and you won't miss a thing.

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DOS facebook 2And as a thank you I'll send you a FREE pdf of the The Do's and Don'ts of filming with your smartphone or tablet.

This document also includes a kit list to turn your phone into an HD-Video camera and a checklist to take you from initial idea to finished video.


Neil Ben

Neil Ben is a Director, Coach and Trainer who works with Entrepreneurs, Sole Traders and SMEs, to help them use video to stand out from their competitors. He started his television career as an assistant producer in the BBC in the late 80s and has won many awards for both his broadcast and video productions including a BAFTA nomination and an FSB Award for Business Innovation.

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