Six videos that will transform your website

Created with you in just one day

With multi-award winning Director Neil Ben

  1. A welcome video on your homepage will increase conversion rates and keep visitors there for longer
  2. Videos generate 1200% more social media shares than text and images combined
  3. Video testimonials bypass the skepticism and immediately build trust in you and your brand

6 professionally produced website videos for just £750

How the 1-2-3 programme works



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Increase website engagement with video

1x Welcome Video - 2x Expert Videos - 3x Video Testimonials

1x Welcome Video

What do you want visitors to do when they arrive at your website? A welcome video will keep visitors on your website for longer and encourage them to take action; such as signing up for your newsletter or giving you a call. I will assist you with creating your welcome video scripts, working from script templates that are proven to engage.

2x Expert Videos

People need to know like and trust you before they will work with you. Sharing your expertise through information videos, how to videos or video blogs goes a very long way to positioning you as the expert and go to person in your field. You will get all the support you need to generate ideas, prepare your scripts and present your expert videos to camera, which I will shoot for you.

3x Testimonial Videos

When you say how good your business is it can come across as arrogant, when your clients say how good you are it's proof. During the day I will teach you how to shoot high quality customer testimonials using your smartphone. We will then create 2 or 3 killer questions and I'll even give you a microphone to make sure the sound is perfect. Just send the footage to me once you're done and my team will edit them for you.

Example Videos

Welcome Video

How to Video

Testimonial Video

6 videos for just £750

To totally transform your website engagement

Once booked we will sort a filming day

1x welcome video 2x expert videos 3x video testimonials

What you get with the website video programme

One day of production and training delivering 6 videos:

  • 1 welcome video
  • 2 expert style videos
  • 3 video testimonials

In one day, I will work with you to create and shoot a welcome video and two expert videos, info videos, how to videos or video blogs. Videos will be shot with a smartphone filming kit so in the future you can continue to shoot your own videos by replicating what I have done.

You will also be taught you how to shoot video testimonials with your phone, and supported in creating several killer questions to ask your clients.

If they are able to get your clients along to the filming day, we’ll capture the testimonials there and then, if not, you can film them after the training and send me the footage to edit. I will provide you with a suitable smartphone microphone for filming these testimonials.

All six films will be professionally edited, with logo watermark, call to action slides and a simple intro/outro logo sequence. Much of the editing will happen within the training / filming day, so we can select the best takes and you get to see how the videos will turn out. My team will then finished off the videos at my edit suite in Watford.

Once you've ordered your video we will set up the filming day.

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