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Where do I stick my video?

Video blogging and the best way to do it

I saw this question in a FaceBook group, posted by the lovely Carol Hanson

I'm finally reaching the 21st Century when it comes to using video and being brave enough to put it You Tube and embed on my website as part of my blogs!! But I could really use some help! ...

1. I've read that it's good to include text with a video post and so have dutifully done so on the ones I've published to date - it's effectively a written transcript of the video (around 300 words) - effectively copying the way that the Huff Post do this. Is this the best approach? Or is there something else I should be doing?

This is the best way to plan your vlog

Dear Carol, thank you for your question - here's my answer.

You are absolutely right, having text around a video is extremely useful, because even though Google loves videos, it cannot "translate" the video content to know what it is about, so effectively the words around the video helps. So this is what I suggest you do:

  • create a great title for the video, something that you think people will type when looking for stuff, so for me, I have titles like "How to make a great YouTube video" or "how to make an engaging video"
  • use your 300 words, or transcript and put it in the "description" of your YouTube video... You can have up to 5000 characters in the description, but the first 180 characters are the most important, as those are the characters that get shown in the google search results, so always repeat the title of the video "How to make an engaging video" and follow it with the url of the blog post (or your website) so there is a link back to your site from your YouTube video. Use as many of your 5000 characters that you can, with lots of key words and stuff
  • use tags, you want to put lots of hot key words in the tag part of the YouTube video description, so things like "iphone video" "engaging video" etc... words that are appropriate to your video
  • on your website you write a blog and embed the YouTube video into it using the YouTube url. The text and headings you use should be key word rich too

How (and why) to add description and tags to your YouTube video

This video is from my online training course Easy-Pro Video Online

Right, that's the first question answered. Now for the second question

2. If I want to share on social media (having embedded the video from YouTube should I do this from YouTube or my website), given that I'm trying to build my sales funnel.

Thanks in advance superstars! x

Should I share my video or my video blog on social media?

It all depends... If you want more people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, then share the YouTube video url on social media... The link in the description will point them back to your website. But you have said you want to build your sales funnel, so you want to share the url to the funnel webpage with the video in it, because there's one less click for people to do, they watch your video and the signup box is there waiting.

Hope that helped

Neil Ben

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